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Regular transport of full and groupage shipments

In 1999, “STAD ” Ltd. differentiates its own unit dealing exclusively with regular transport of full and groupage consignments destinations from Bulgaria to Germany, Italy, Benelux, Poland, Austria and throughout Europe and vice versa, as well as internal transport in the country.

Created a year later specialized department for international and domestic forwarding, closes the circle of services provided by our transport services, making it practical comprehensive


Offices and warehouses across the country

We have established an excellent infrastructure, with offices and warehouses in Dupnitsa, Sofia and numerous business partners in Bulgaria and across Europe. The company collaborates directly with many European transport and shipping companies, allowing to cover the various needs of transportation of our customers at any time to react in the shortest time at specific needs for loading, unloading, delivery or other issues related to the transport of goods from one point to another of Europe.

Meet with favorable conditions for rental of offices and warehouse space under one roof of STAD Logistics Center.


We have our own fleet

We have 70 own 40-ton vehicle (onboard trucks and hangers), all of which are essential for the transport of dangerous goods according to the requirements of convention ADR. Our trucks are equipped with all the necessary permits and licenses for international transport of goods (TIR).

The safety of your cargo during transport them with our trucks will be further guaranteed by our CMR insurance of goods available to every one of our cars. Cover a lorry amounts to € 300,000.


“STAD” is a loyal business partner, a professional in the field of transport, which can offer a healthy and successful cooperation in the long term.

Cooperation, which will be our pleasure!

We offer a full range of transport services

  • Modern vehicles (Euro 4 and Euro 5 Mercedes brand and MAN) in excellent technical condition
  • Various trailers air, size and volume adapted to cover all transportation needs of different types of cargo
  • Experienced and dedicated freight forwarders with perfect English, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and a working knowledge of other languages
  • Highly professional drivers with years of experience in international transport
  • Execution for transport in due time
  • Competitive prices
  • Propriety
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Neutrality towards your contractors

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Transportation and freight forwarding

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